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CAL100 is a "What If " meal calculator for automatically working out the amounts of individual ingredients needed to make a meal.


This could be an athlete, a low-carb dieter or anyone else who considers reaching target ratios for carbohydrates, fat, and protein important. These are typically called the macro-nutrients.


You'll also be able to read and load this info directly from your favourite Supermarket.

Once you start using CAL100 You'll find it quite recreational. 

Perhaps similar to this jigsaw picture where all the edges and sky has been completed.

Just like the first time you picked up a smart mobile phone, this programme introduces a number of new ideas and concepts.

The instructional videos should help.  An overview will take about 20 minutes.

And you will find the hidden meaning of the web site picture of the shepard, the dog, the sheep and the sheep pen on reading the instructions.

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